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This has been bugging me for quite a while now. Sometimes images are uploaded, but they are left unused for a period of time. Some prematurely upload a file, usuallly for an upcoming fanon, but they expect it to sit around until they create the fanon article. The uploader may choose to use it later, but often times they are deleted within a few hours, as per our image policy regarding unused files.

I propose that we create a set time limit, such as three hours, for the uploader to use the image in a proper place. If they do not, it should be deleted. I also think a template to place on the uploader's wall that notifies them of the upcoming deletion should be created, should they neglect using the image somewhere.

When the uploader is notified, if they respond with something to this effect: "I was planning to use that for my fanon, but I haven't finished the page yet", then the image can be deleted, and the author can re-upload it when s/he is finished.

Again, we usually do this already, this is just a way of notifying users that their file is set to be deleted in a few hours, and creating a set time limit for this to happen. Here is a draft of the message template, make any necessary improvements to it. The general format was taken from Template:Tl. So, questions, comments, concerns... support? :p {{SUBST:User:Annawantimes/Sig}} 02:39, May 17, 2012 (UTC)