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For now we've been categorizing most LoK characters with the standard A to Z, Characters, and Legend of Korra characters. For the main characters of the series, we have Main characters (Legend of Korra). We also have central categories like Main groups, Major groups, and Minor groups, which are meant for only A:TLA groups, but have recently been filled with a few LoK groups. I propose that we create a few new categories strictly for LoK, which I'll list below, and explain each a bit.

  • Character categories
    • Major characters (Legend of Korra): For characters the appear off and on, but aren't quite main characters.
    • Minor characters (Legend of Korra): For side characters such as the Hobo or Mr. Chung.
  • Group categories
    • Main groups (Legend of Korra): For main groups like the New Team Avatar, the Fire Ferrets, and the Equalists.
    • Major groups (Legend of Korra): Recurring groups, such as a pro-bending team that challenges the Fire Ferrets often.
    • Minor groups (Legend of Korra): For gangs that only appear once or twice, such as the Triple Threat Triad.

Here is how I suggest we work this system. We categorize by what information we have so far. For example, we know who the main characters are at this point, so they have the main characters category. Characters that are confirmed to appear on a recurring basis will have the major characters category. Characters who have only appeared once so far, and we do not know that they will appear again, will have the minor characters category. The same goes for groups. Objections, questions, comments, support? {{SUBST:User:Annawantimes/Sig}} 16:19, April 2, 2012 (UTC)