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<Sshalwani> Annawantimes, please I need your help? My ip address is, and I dont know what but I'm blocked in the wiki
<Annawantimes> Is Sshalwani your username?
<Sshalwani> Yes!
<Sshalwani> But my IP is blocked by Thaliog cause of Troilling, I dont know what happen but my IP is block, can you please help?
<Annawantimes> Is this you?
<Sshalwani> No
<Sshalwani> Sshalwani! See the IRC timing page, it has my username there
<Annawantimes> I'm on your Avatar Wiki user page, and your infobox, it says one of your alternative names is Sam.
<Sshalwani> No its Sshalwani
<Annawantimes> It's on you user page,
<Annawantimes> In the infobox ^^
<Sshalwani> Yes!!
<Sshalwani> Can you please undo the block? I dont why but please, undo it please....
<Annawantimes> No, sorry, I'm not an administrator, but even if I were, I couldn't. We don't allow sockpuppetry, and creating multiple accounts is against our policies.
<Sshalwani> Im not!!
<Annawantimes> So I'm sorry; I can't help you with this.
<Sshalwani> Even tho Im not doing this..... Still Im being blamed....
<Annawantimes> One second.
<Sshalwani> Can you just end it, I really wanna contribute, I created a fanon and I planned it out so well but my IP is blocked and it blockes everything, my user and also more
<Sshalwani> Why is this happening, I was doing so well...
<Annawantimes> I can't help you, I'm afraid you should have thought about this before you created multiple accounts. We'd love to have new contributors, but you haven't followed our policies.
<Sshalwani> I have!! Ive changed, changed everything except that Im not that user IP that did that, I did it on one, not this one
<Sshalwani> This is someone else
<Sshalwani> THEEE TRUTH!!!!!!! PLEASE! HELP
<Sshalwani> Well bytch if u cant, ur a dickhead.... Bye bitch

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