Satomobiles crossing one of Republic City's bridges.

Satomobiles is a company that mass-produces vehicles. It was founded by a young industrialist named Hiroshi Sato when he convinced a wealthy banker to invest in the concept of automobiles that the common man could afford. In Hiroshi's Future Industries factory, Satomobiles were produced in great quantities.[1]

History Edit

As a young man, Hiroshi Sato had an idea to create an automobile company – one that would mass-produce vehicles and provide transportation for the ordinary man. He persuaded a wealthy banker to invest in his idea and, in a short time, Hiroshi had earned his first million yuans.[1]

Upon arriving in Republic City, Avatar Korra witnessed a traffic jam on one of the city's bridges, and commented that she had "never seen so many Satomobiles before".[2]

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